Bigg Boss OTT Arshi Khan calls Divya Agarwal the most irritating girl of the season

Bigg Boss OTT: The house of Bigg Boss is such that we often see people losing their mind and doing such things which leave people surprised. Even though the contestants get immense love from the audience. Because reality shows are all about showing your true personality. Arshi Khan who is one of the famous contestants of Bigg Boss and participated in Bigg Boss 11 reality show and then appeared in Bigg Boss 14 last year as a ‘Challenger’. Arshi Khan follows the Big Boss show a lot. He is not liking Divya Agarwal in this season at all.

Arshi Khan is not liking Divya Agarwal’s personality at all. During an interview, Bigg Boss talked about the ongoing season of OTT and told why she is not liking Divya and how her actions are bothering her. Arshi Khan said, ‘I think Karan Johar is a fair host. I don’t like the way Divya is disrespecting him. She is thinking of herself as the queen of TV reality shows. But that bubble will soon burst. I feel. If she kept on behaving like that and playing with the same attitude. So she will be another Priyanka Jagga. No production or channel will work with him.

Arshi Khan further said, ‘She is just humiliating herself and her lover Varun Sood. who is a good boy. She is considering Karan Johar as Vikas Gupta who is her last show. Was the host of Ace of Space. She is making a mistake and should be stopped immediately. What bothers me about her is that she says that I don’t need this show. People are dying outside to get this opportunity which he should have too. The most disturbing thing is that Divya is bringing the name of Salman Khan sir in the discussions. She is really an irritable girl. For those who are unaware, Divya was scolded by the show’s host Karan Johar in both the episodes of ‘Sunday Ka Vaar’ saying that she doesn’t need the show and that Karan Johar and Salman Khan will not change or influence her opinion. can do.’


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