When Divyanka Tripathi Used To Try After Breaking Up With Sharad Malhotra

Divyanka Tripathi-Sharad Malhotra Break Up: Divyanka Tripathi is considered one of the well-known actresses of television. She has made her mark after years of hard work, but there was a time when everyone’s eyes were on Divyanka’s personal life. Actually, Divyanka was once in a relationship with television actor Sharad Malhotra. Divyanka made her TV debut with the television serial ‘Banoon Main Teri Dulhan’.

In this serial, his pair was frozen with Sharad Malhotra. While working in the serial, both had come close and they fell in love. After that both started living in live in relationship. Both were in a relationship for about 8 years, but then they broke up. Divyanka was shocked by the breakup of this relationship. In an interview, she spoke openly on her breakup and during this she also cried. Divyanka had said, ‘I had made every effort to save our relationship. You will not believe that I have gone to such an extent that you cannot even imagine.’

Divyanka further said, ‘I had started believing in superstition. I used to meet many strange people and just asked them how can someone do this after 8 years of relationship? Has anyone done any magic on him? Then one day I understood that when this relationship does not last even after doing so much, then what will last. After that I started to strengthen myself. There was trouble in the beginning, I did not feel like shooting. The people around had understood that there was something wrong with me, I used to cry a lot but then slowly everything started getting better. Let us tell you that after this breakup, Divyanka married Vivek Dahiya in 2016.


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