Raqesh Bapat Kisses Shamita Shetty In Bigg Boss Ott

Bigg Boss OTT: Shamita Shetty and Rakesh Bapat are seen getting closer to each other in Bigg Boss OTT . The chemistry of both is giving air to many things. Even Shamita or Rakesh themselves do not want to keep these things behind the scenes. It is clear from the promo of Bigg Boss that more warmth will be seen in the upcoming episodes.

It is shown in this prom that Shamita Shetty is eating food in the dining area and Rakesh Bapat is going to heat the food in the microwave when Shamita tells him that “Don’t make it too hot or else it will be hard.” On this Rakesh asks him “something else”.

After this Shamita stops for a while and then says that “If you have any problem, I will do it myself.” On this Rakesh says “I have no problem, I was just asking if anything else.” On this Shamita smiles a little and says, “Come to me and kiss me now” and Rakesh immediately kisses her. After which singer Neha Bhasin calls her “so sweet”.

Even before this, Rakesh and Shamita have been seen flirting with each other many times. When he kisses Shamita. Once he jumps on her bed and asks her to sleep with him. Not only this, both were also seen spending emotional time with each other when Rakesh talked about his divorce with Shamita.


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