When Prakash Kaur Spoke About Second Marriage Of Dharmendra And Hema Malini

Dharmendra-Hema Malini marriage: Bollywood’s Veteran actor Dharmendra has always been in the headlines due to his love life. His love story with Hema Malini was always in the news, but many controversies also came up about it. Actually, Dharmendra had married Hema for the second time. He took this step when he was already married and he did not even divorce his first wife. Dharmendra’s first marriage was with Prakash Kaur. He was only 19 years old at the time of marriage.

This marriage was done by Dharmendra with the wishes of the family members. After marriage, he became the father of four children, whose names were Sunny, Bobby, Vijayta and Ajita. Everything was going well when Dharmendra’s closeness with Hema Malini started growing while working in the film. Dharmendra was struck by Hema’s beauty and started thinking of marrying her. On the other hand, Hema was not in favor of marrying the married Dharmendra, because she did not want to break someone’s settled house. However, destiny had other plans. Hema fell in love with Dharmendra even after saying no and both of them got married in 1980. His family was very angry with this move of Dharmendra.

His wife Prakash and all four children suffered a major setback from his second marriage. In an interview, Prakash Kaur had said, ‘If there was any other man in place of Dharmendra, he would have married Hema Malini instead of me. So it is not right to blame only my husband. Almost all the big heroes of the industry, despite being married, are marrying heroines for the second time, in such a situation how only my husband became a womanizer. Dharmendra may not have proved to be a good husband, but he is definitely a good father. Let us tell you that after marrying Hema, Dharmendra became the father of two daughters Ahana and Isha.



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